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Rajesh Khanna, the first superstar of Bollywood passed away on 18th July 2012. He was cremated the next day at Bandra. Many fans had gathered on the streets to bid a final farewell to their favourite star. It was a huge procession as millions of fans crowded on the streets. The super star would be cremated in full fashion.

Across the city in Bandra itself, in a small middle class home, a son had lost his father. However he did not have time to cry. He needed to find an ambulance which would be ready to drive through the crowded roads. When an ambulance finally agreed to do the job for which they are hired for in the first place, this man had another battle coming his way. He needed to find an empty road. Traffic was diverted as Rajesh Khanna had set out on his final journey.

Death may act as a leveller but the difference between THE STAR and the the common man will always remain…even after they both die!