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Shraavan is the fifth month in the Hindu calender. It is considered the most auspicious month in the year. It begins approximately in late July & ends by the third week of August. This year Shraavan began on 20th July. What I find best about this month is not the festivals or the numerous poojas which are offered to the Lords. Nature is at its glorious best in this season. Rains alternate with sunshine for the whole month. The trees look lush green & sparkle due to the rainwater in the sunlight. The sun isnt too harsh, its just enough to leave a pleasant chill in the air. All I can say is: there is something in the air. Something which cannot be put into words. I feel a joy from deep within. Maybe it has got to do something with the fact that my birthday falls in this month. Or maybe because Krishna’s birthday too is in Shravan & he is my most favourite God!!! There are rainbows in the sky, the birds are singing to their full glory, the animals are happy because of the abundant grass, people are joyous because of the string of festivals which begin with Shraavan. This is that time of the year when you can just feel the magic!

Kusumaagraj has written a beautiful poem for this month which describes the beauty of its days in greater details.

श्रावणमासी हर्षमानसी हिरवळ दाटे चोहिकडे
क्षणात येती सरसर शिरवे क्षणात फिरुनी ऊन पडे

वरती बघता इंद्रधनुचा गोफ दुहेरी विणलासे
मंगल तोरण काय बांधले नभोमंडपी कुणी भासे

झालासा सूर्यास्त वाटतो, सांज -अहाहा तो उघडे
तरुशिखरांवर उंच घरांवर पिवळे पिवळे ऊन पडे

उठती वरती जलदांवरती अनंत संध्याराग पहा
सर्व नभावर होय रोखिले सुंदरतेचे रुप महा

बलाकमाला उडता भासे कल्पसुमांची माळचि ते
उतरुनि येती अवनीवरती ग्रहगोलचि की एकमते

फडफड करुनि भिजले अपुले पंख पाखरे सावरती
सुंदर हरिणी हिरव्या कुरणी निजबाळांसह बागडती

खिल्लारे ही चरती रानी गोपही गाणी गात फिरे
मंजूळ पावा गाई तयांचा श्रावण महिमा एकसुरे

सुवर्ण चंपक फुलला विपिनी रम्य केवडा दरवळला
पारिजातही बघता भामा रोष मनीचा मावळला

सुंदर परडी घेऊनि हाती पुरोपकंठी शुध्दमती
सुंदर बाला या फुलमाला रम्य फुले पत्री खुडती

देवदर्शना निघती ललना हर्ष मावे ना हृदयात
वदनी त्यांच्या वाचून घ्यावे श्रावण महिन्याचे गीत

कवी – बालकवी

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The poem in English:

Shraavan, the month which gives joy,the month in which sunshine plays hide – n – seek with the rains. In the skies is the rainbow which seems like a beautiful necklace which the sky has worn on this happy occasion. For a moment you may feel that the sun has disappeared behind the black clouds, but then the sun peeps out at the very next moment bathing the rooftops with sunlight. The drizzles draw a beautiful pattern on the surfaces of the many lakes, and the beauty of the sky is beyond description. The flocks of snow white birds appear to the observer like a cluster of stars which has landed on the earth to enjoy this heavenly month.

The birds are drying their wet feather as somewhere in the deep jungles deers are eating the new tender grass & roaming in the jungles with their young ones. The cattle are happy to have lots of fresh chew. The cowherds flutes are singing their joys. Flowers like the parijat, kevda, and the yellow champak are in full bloom & the air is laden with their fragrance. The women folk have bathed early & have set out to gather these flowers which they will later offer to God as they visit the temples. The beauty of this month can be read on their pleased faces!

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