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Raksha Bandhan is a festival celebrated in many parts of India in the month of Shraavan on the full moon day. On this day sisters tie a Rakhi on their brothers wrist asking for their protection & love. In many communities when a girl doesnt have a brother she ties Rakhi to a God (mostly Krishna) or sometimes even to her husband. According to a segment I saw on TV today, a TV actress ties Rakhi to her pet dog as he protects her!

Rakhi in its traditional form was a simple colorful thread which is ties around the wrist like a bracelet. These days we get Rakhis in many varieties, some have smileys & cartoons on them, some have a rudraksha on them, and some others are decorated with colorful beads! The more decorated a rakhi is the more costly it tends to be. The costs start from Rs. 10 & can go as high as Rs. 50 at times. Some sisters who are creative & innovative may also make the rakhi themselves!

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I used to tie a Rakhi to my maternal grandfather. But after losing him in 2004 I have stopped celebrating this festival. But it feels great to see women dress up in their best clothes as they celebrate this festival with their brothers. The brothers gift their sisters with sweets, chocolates, jewellery (the richer & less miserly brothers! :P), clothes, etc.

>>>Wishing everyone a very happy Raksha Bandhan<<<