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I honestly believe that each girl should be waiting for her own Mr. Darcy. Not a Prince Charming and definitely not an Edward Cullen. To me, Mr. Darcy is the epitome of what love should be like. This character proves that first impressions are not always correct, and shows people that there is always something beneath the surface, that sometimes your pathway to happiness isn’t always the way you expect.

Mr. Darcy is the man whose love you never have to doubt. He doesn’t need extravagant words to prove his love- you just know. You know that he’s honourable enough to not do something stupid, like have an affair with another woman. Yet, you know he’d do anything for you. He’d face the ghosts from his past for you, even though it is one of the greatest humiliations he could face. He’d do it all for you. Just to make you happy.

Yes, I spend way too much time analysing this.
I never said I had a life.

Source: http://mrandmrsdarcy.tumblr.com/page/39

A beautiful tumblr on Pride & Prejudice (BBC series!). The creations are just wonderful. Loved each and every one of them.