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In a hall nearby is an exhibition  an going on about Rudraksha, called “Rudrashakti”. You get to meet experts in this field who guide you about the most useful Rudraksha for you on the basis of your birth date. Each person is advised to wear various rudrakshas in various combinations based on what his strenghts & weaknesses are & on what he wishes to achieve.

Rudraksha, literally translated means “eyes of Lord Shiv” (Rudra = shiv, aksha = eyes). They are fruits of the Rudraksha tree. It grows in the Gangetic Plains in the foothills of the Himayalas. In English the tree is called  UTRASUM BEAD TREE while its botanical name is ELAEOCARPUS GANITRUS ROXB.

The rudraksha beads have ridges on them. The ridges are called “mukha”. One ridged rudraksha is called “ek mukhi”, two ridged “don mukhi”, etc.

For more details about the various “mukhs” of the rudraksha & their meanings & uses check out the below link: