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Things on the TV which I loved, hated, which took me by surprise, which made me roll with laughter! In short anything & everything about the limited number of hours which I spend with the idiot box. Though the hours are less I make it a point to be abreast with all the latest happenings (not talking about GK but about telly knowledge: P)

I do not claim to be a critic or any such thing. This blog is about what I like & what I do not like. So in short, these are my opinions.

When I was a kid I used to love watching mythological serials. The clothes, the stories, the settings, the special effects (no matter how unpolished), the pure Hindi language…I used to love it all.

Shiv – Sati

Currently I am hooked on to Mahadev (Life OK). It’s a beautiful serial which has managed to stay on track (thanks to good research work) & hasn’t added too many made – up stories just for the heck of prolonging the show.  The lead (Mahadev) played by Mohit Raina is a brilliant actor. While Parvati played by Sonarika Bhadoria is good she is nowhere in league with Sati (Mouni Roy).

The recent episodes showed Devi Adi Shakti assuming the form of Durga & later of MahaKali. Sonarika has done a fabulous job as both. While till date we saw her as the sweet, docile Parvati, for the first time we saw the fire – spitting, angry as hell avatar of Sonarika. A wonderful job. I especially loved her expressions when she roared as a lioness. Her eyes were spitting fire!!! If not the roar, then the eyes would have killed Dhumralochan. I personally feel that the audiences would have been more enthralled if the whole Durga – Kaali sequence had lasted a bit longer. It was cut too soon.

Kali Ma

The background & sets are pretty good (though the yellow fiery background at the times of wars is getting a tad bit repetitive). And I am so much in love with the costumes & jewelry of the ladies, especially Parvati! What deserve a special mention are the fresh flowers which adorn her hair.

The new promo shows the young warrior son of Shiv – Parvati, Kartikeya. The boy looks promising. I am excited for more mythology. I am especially keen to know why in certain parts of India women cannot visit Kartikeya’s temple.