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A one shot on Rishabh & Madhubala (RiMa) from the serial Madhubala on Colors TV.

Madhu stretched herself & sat up in bed wondering what had disturbed her. She turned to her right to look at her husband but was surprised to find the bed empty. She was about to get up & go in search of him when she heard it again – the noise which had woke her up in the first place. It was the persistent sound of a bikes horn. Tidying her hair a bit & picking up her dupatta on her way out she peered down from the balcony. She smiled when she saw Rishabh on a bike. He sounded the horn again & asked her to come down. From hating each other to tolerating the other & then to an awkward friendship – they had come a long way! However she didn’t have any friend who took her breath away like her husband did. For a moment she stared at his hair waving in the night breeze, the checked muffler round his neck, the black T – shirt & jeans. She sighed looking at all that perfection in front of her & giving a little smile to herself went down to meet him.

M: What are you doing here at this time of the night? And stop making that noise, you will wake up everyone.

R: Do I look as if I care. Sit!

M: What?

R: I said sit.

On seeing the puzzled expressions on Madhus face Rishabh pulled her slightly towards him & the bike, gesturing her to sit on the back seat.

M: Its 2 in the night

A raised eyebrow was the only answer she got. Clutching her dupatta she gingerly placed her hands on his shoulders & sat on the back seat. He was off even before she could adjust herself. With the streets empty he drove like the wind itself. Madhu clutched onto his shoulders fearing for her dear life. But as the cool night air touched her cheeks she began enjoying the experience – the speed, the cold, the warmth that was Rishabh right next to her, his strength as he rode the vehicle with expertise. Her smile grew as a light drizzle started & she felt the first raindrops against her skin. She felt her cheek bump slightly against Rishabhs shoulder when the bike skidded to a stop. She felt disappointment well up in her & would have complained if she hadn’t been mesmerized by the scene in front of her.

She got down from the bike & as if in a trance started walking towards the swelling sea. The moonlight was casting a pale light all around & the whole scene appeared magical. Rishabh followed her silently his first love – his bike – forgotten as his wife’s simple beauty captured all his attention. He smiled when he saw her giggling like a child when the waves reached her bare feet. He didn’t wish to delve further into his thoughts & feelings. He wasn’t sure he would like the answers. But that would not stop him from admiring his beautiful biwi – the one he had got through a deal but who as the days passed had become more important than any other thing or person in his life. He sighed as he tried to control his thoughts for he knew where they would lead – that uncomfortable place where he realized what his thoughts truly meant. He almost gasped out loud when he felt the ice cold, salty sea water hit him across his face.

He jerked his head to his right to find Madhu standing knee deep in water with her mouth in a perfect O!

M: Umm…I am so sorry…I didn’t realize. I was just splashing the water around & it just hit you.

Rishabh felt the first stirrings of desire as his gaze slid down the dress which clung so seductively to Madhu. He smirked when she blushed under his observing gaze.

R: Every action has an equal & opposite reaction!

Saying so he splashed some more water on her. Madhu tried in vain to control the bubble of laughter that started from deep within her.

M: Hey! That was more water than what I had hit you with in the first place.

Before either of them knew it they were rolling about in the ice cold sea, splashing about water. Madhu giggled like a kid as she tried to win over Rishabh while he groaned as he struggled to win over his desires. As a chilly wind blew over the coast their play came to a stop as for the first time Madhu realized how close she was to Rishabh, how inappropriately close. She heard her brain command her to get up & move. Yet she sat there in the circle of his arms, with her arms round his neck, sitting too close – yet not close enough. She ignored the warnings her mind was screaming out loud as her eyes rested on his seductive lips. She didn’t know how long she sat there staring at his lips but felt herself blush profusely when she saw them twitch into their usual smirk.

M: I can’t see anything…umm…it’s so dark here.

She felt stupid on hearing herself croak a feeble excuse in a voice which felt completely foreign.

R: You need not see everything Biwi.  Sometimes it is just enough to feel.

With that he bent his head & kissed her gently on the cheek, stopping to linger at her ear, his tongue tracing every curve & hollow He nipped her earlobe which made Madhu lurch forward in a startled moment that brought their bodies together. A current leaped between them & they both stiffened with the delicious shock of it. . He felt her tremble slightly & pulled her close.

His lips were tantalizingly close and Madhu was faint with the desire to feel them crushing down on hers. Instead he bent his head & lightly brushed his mouth over hers, first in one direction, and then the other.


After this she spent many hours sometimes cursing sometimes thanking the bunch of boys who had found the parked bike & had started playing with the horn on the bike. It was that sound which had jerked Madhu out of her trance. Rishabh too had been summoned to attend to his first love & dutifully drive away those kids who dared touch her. Madhu still blushed when she thought of that long drive to the beach & all that had followed thereafter, sometimes wishing he had never stopped & sometimes wishing she had had the strength & the will to stop him before it had been too late for either of them.