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Finally got a chance to watch the much hyped “English Vinglish”.

The movie is a story of a housewife who sells Laddoos & cannot speak English. It starts with the daughter mocking her mother Shashi (Sridevi) & the father cheering her on by his smirks & insensitive comments. Shashi’s little boy is sweet & supportive of his mother. Eventually Shashi’s goes to the USA to help her sister with her daughter’s wedding. After a humiliating incident in a coffee shop where she is unable to even place an order or talk with the woman at the counter she decides to enroll herself in an “English for beginners” program. The lady is smart for in a foreign land she manages to find the place all by herself , enrolls herself with what little English she knows & thus begins her month long English coaching. The class reminds me of “Zabaan Sambhalke”, a serial which used to come on HOME TV when I was still in school. The class has a mix of students, a South Indian engineer, a Pakistani, an African & a French Chef who later falls for Shashi.

Shashi gets a chance to show what she has learned during her niece’s wedding when she makes her own small speech after the marriage ceremony is over. That’s when her family learns for the first time that Shashi can now speak English very well.

The movie is average. So is Sridevi. She has lost her earlier charm. Her dialogue delivery isnt clear either! During some parts I had to really strain my ears & listen to what she was saying in order to understand her. The part which I found best is when her niece asks her if she loves the French chef (since he loves her!). Shashi replies that she hadn’t been in search of love. She already had that at home. She had been looking for self – respect & identity which she earned here. And now she is content!

A one time watch on TV. 2/5 from my side!