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You Don’t Need Singing Skills To Be An Indian Idol, You Just Need Fair & Lovely..!! 

That No One Can Eat Cadbury Dairymilk Chocolate Without Getting It All Across Their Face..!! 

To Close Bathroom Door While Brushing Teeth, Else A Tv Reporter Might Step In & Ask “Kya Aapke Toothpaste Mein Namak Hai?”

Don’t Buy Reliance..!! Even Anushka Sharma Couldn’t Convince Ranvijay To Buy It..!! 

That Both Kareena Kapoor & Saif Ali Khan Have Serious Dandruff Problem..!! 

That If You Don’t Use Harpic, People Will Barge Into Your House To Clean Your Toilet..!! 

That Only Thing Super Hot Girls Care About Is Your 140 Rupees Deodorant Bathed Body ! 

Money Minded Women Will Fall For Any Guy Who Applies A Deo Or Uses A Fairness Cream. No Other Quality Matters..!! 

That Salman With A Relaxo Chappal Can Achieve Many Great Things, Unlike The Salman Without The Chappals..!! 

That Your Mom Will Be Proud Of You If You Take A Bath In A 
Puddle Of Mud! #Daag Ache Hain 😛