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Just got back from watching Talaash! After many years I had gone to a theater to watch a movie & was pleasantly surprised to find that the theater was almost packed! That is a rare thing these days…what with the endless item girls constantly dancing to absurd songs in equally absurd dresses!

To describe Talash in one line: It is a movie for the classes, not the masses! The first half of the movie is fast paced though the second half does drag a bit at times. But the story is strong enough to retain interest.

Surjan Singh Shekhawat (Aamir Khan) plays a cop who is suffering from mental trauma & sleepless nights as he has recently lost his only son in an accident. Roshni (Rani Mukerji) his wife plays the house wife perfectly, though making Rani play the role without even a little bit of make up was a bad decision I feel. She ends up looking shabby & unkempt!

Rozy/ Simran (Kareena Kapoor) is ……..yes IS not are 😛 a prostitute who helps Insp. Shekhawat by passing on useful information to him as & when needed.

I loved how they have taken a new concept like auto writing, communicating with spirits with Roshni doing this & talking with her dead son & then fused this “madness” as Surjan calls it with the reality he is experiencing for Rozy who was helping him is not real either. She is a spirit out for revenge!

The climax scene where Surjan first sees Rozy in the back seat of his car & in a jiffy she is in front of it is wonderfully done. One moment Surjan is calmly talking with Kejriwal in his car, the next moment the car lurches out of control & finally Surjan understands how many days ago the actor Armaan Kapoor died in a similar accident. The actors car had spun out of control because he saw Rozy standing before it!

The next part where Rozy/ Simran (she was called Simran when she was alive) comes swimming to save Surjan from his almost water grave is plain silly! Isnt she a ghost? Why will she have to swim…..cant she just appear beside the car? I know Kareena looks gorgeous swimming in that short dress….but it does remind one of the little mermaid & somehow the wonderful climax is ruined!

Aamir is wonderful as Insp. Shekhawat. He plays the rough & tough cop to the hilt. Raj Kumar Yadav (as Insp. DevvratKulkarni) has done a good job as well. Rani does justice to what little she has to do in the movie. But Kareena Kapoor is stunning in this one. Though she plays a prostitute never does she appear cheap. Inspite of her loud make up she looks classy & sexy!

I loved the movie. Though its not in the league of his previous super hit 3 Idiots its certainly different & better from the mindless things which are being done in Bollywood these days. But then this is what I expect from Mr.Perfectionist Aamir Khan! A few words on the movie from the man himself!


I would give it a 9/10!