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After a lot of procrastination I have decided to shed some kilos. Not automatically as I have been waiting for them to drop for years, but they just don’t. This time I plan to do this in a more systematic but not at all stressful way. So, I am giving myself a years time. Starting today I am quitting chocolate & junk food (pizzas, burgers, fries, chips….yes in short all those things which are tasty 😦 )

I am 5 feet 7 in tall. So for that height the ideal weight is 67 kgs. Won’t embarrass myself here by saying how much I need to lose! Just need to lose a lot!!! I had read in some books that the best way to ensure you do a thing which you hate doing (in my case not eating the “tasty” food) is by announcing your intentions to everyone you meet. This way just to save face you tend to get it done. And then what better way than a blog to announce my diet plan!!

My friend has also recommended some sit ups to tuck in my stomach. Saw a video of it on youtube…phew!

I will write about this directly a year from now…hopefully when I would have achieved my ideal weight & a perfect figure 😉