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This was a book which I had started reading a year back. For some reason I left it half way. Then a few weeks back when I was cleaning my cupboard I found this one again & decided to complete it this time. 🙂



“Sins” starts out very promisingly. It is a sequel to “Silk” which I haven’t read yet. The story is pretty much predictable but I liked it for Penny Jordan’s style of writing. She maintains a flow in her writing which makes the book enjoyable. At times I found the stress is too much on a certain character because of which the other characters are completely sidelined. Rose & Emerald are well developed characters but at the end the one couple whose story I was genuinely interested in, Ella – Oliver, turned out to be disappointing. If only they had been developed like more their story could have been better narrated!

Emerald turning into an angel after being beaten up is hard to digest. Dougie still wanting her after his past experiences with her is a huge cliche. Janey & John are thrust on the readers!

A one time read. I will give it a 2/5.