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Here is my first ever German power point presentation which I had made for my German exams on the topic “Lebensstil und Erkrankungen’ which means “Lifestyle Diseases”. This thing was made in 2-3 days flat. We never understand the importance of our mother tongue till we start learning a foreign language. While I could have made a similar ppt in English in less than an hour once I had all the information with me, this ppt took nearly 3 days to complete, what with balancing a huge Langenscheidts dictionary in one hand, correcting the grammar time & again & grappling for the correct word in German & trying to not it make it look like a direct translation from English! Phew!!

The exam was good. My friend & I got really decent marks! We did the ppt with great confidence!!! And the best part was the audience response. Almost every single person in the room loved our efforts! 🙂

This is the joint effort of me & a friend of mine. The credit for all those wonderful animations goes entirely to her daughter. The colour scheme is mine! I did do something you see 😛


P.S.: Finally learned how to “embed” a ppt on Scribd & then THIS is the way to upload it on WordPress. Took me quite a long time to figure out how to upload a ppt on WordPress. But finally I got it…..I just had to GOOGLE it you see 😛