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SS (Short Stories) will be stories which I have read, heard, overheard about anything & everything. 

This story had been published in a Marathi magazine. With Delhi’s rape case still fresh in my mind I was reminded of this story which my mother had told me many years ago.

While a tribal woman had been busy gathering wood in the jungle it had turned dark. She gathered the sticks of wood which she had collected & started towards her home. As she was walking along the deserted road she heard a growl. She stopped dead in her tracks. Looking back she saw a lion staring at her. She felt her throat dry & without thinking she started running as fast as her legs could carry her. She kept running till she came across a hut. When she looked back she saw that the lion had sat down & hadn’t pursued her. Feeling relieved she assumed that probably the lion wasn’t hungry & hence she was safe from him.

Just then the door to the hut opened & a man came out. He saw her drenched in sweat & asked her to come inside so that she could sit for a while & relax. The woman trustfully went with the man where she was raped by him.

Before breathing her last she realized that a beast will hunt & harm you only when it is hungry. But a man can harm you for no particular reason at all. She realized that she would have been safer with the lion… after all for he wouldn’t have killed her till he needed to!

Moral: Man is the most dangerous animal in the whole world