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And this might be the last post I ever make here… no not because my life has got busy or because I am quitting the net…that can only happen if the world ends…which many say it will…and that too TODAY 😛

May sound crazy but I am really looking forward to this “end”. I want to know what it will be like, not that I will be able to know, but yes the part before the world does end already looks damn amusing. I found this very interesting article on the net where people have found 8 places worldwide that will escape the Apocalypse for sure! Unfortunately there is not one in my country. So I guess I am dying for sure!!! 😦

If I do survive (which somehow I am sure I will…God isn’t kind enough to let me escape studying & finding a job) I will be back with more crazy things I saw people do to escape doomsday. 😉