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I was missing Harry Potter terribly today. My favourite character in HP is not harry or hermoine or ronny…….but the bravest man Harry ever knew ….yeah Severus Snape! How I always wish when I think of him that his story had had a different ending! 😦


The next summer, on their would-be sixteenth anniversary, Severus Apparated to the field where the mossy remnants of their home stood. To the field where a boulder, the one they had spent an hour manually relocating up the hill to the beginnings of a house, marked where she spent her last living moments. He fell to his knees before the stone, trying desperately to hold back tears. Grief rippled through him, tearing open the wounds he had tried for a year to keep bandaged. She had gone so quickly, her short life snuffed with two little words. Such beauty, such power, such life. He couldn’t contain them anymore; the salty tears tracked down his cheeks, striking the boulder and soaking into the stone. Memories he had kept hidden deep in his heart and mind, where Voldemort’s powerful Legilimens spell could not penetrate, flooded forth once more. A waterfall cascaded down his face as he recollected fifteen years of blissful, wonderful, bright and love-filled partnership. Her words of affection whispered in his ear on a passing wind. A glimmer of her green eyes glistened in a falling tear. He could smell her eau de ocean, though he was many miles from the nearest shore. Her dark hair tickled his skin as he knelt in the high, wild grasses. Worst of all, every bud on his tongue was reminded of her taste; it was one of sunshine and moonbeams, of crackling flame and roaring waves, of glorious light and balancing dark. Drying his eyes as best he could, he conjured a bouquet of flowers to place on the stone. He Disapparated with a crack as his tears soaked into the petals of the same white roses she held on their wedding day.

Credit for the image: Tumblr