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Naushad Ali was an Indian musician born on 25th Dec 1919. On his birthday while I was watching a show by Anu Kapoor on Masti channel I came across this interesting bit of trivia.


Naushad had run away from home (Lucknow) & come to Mumbai so that he could become a music director. When he left Lucknow he was already engaged to a girl. Eventually Naushad succeeded beyond his wildest dreams & gave many hits like Ratan, Prem Nagar, Sharda, etc. However in those days music as a profession was looked down upon by the society. Hence at the time of his wedding his parents told his in – laws that Naushad had become a tailor in Mumbai.

Thus Naushad, the groom attended his own wedding while the musicians played many of his own hits one after another. He must have sat there in silent pride, for though he could never stand up and say …yes that song is mine…I am sure the joy on people’s faces as they danced to his tunes must be an award far superior than any other!