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A woman once went to an astrologer in order to know what the future held for her. The astrologer, after reading her horoscope said, that by next week she would be a widow. She was shocked to hear this. The astrologer told her that her husband would have an accidental death because of a four wheeler.

The woman hurried home & told her husband the whole story. They both agreed that it would be best if he didn’t leave the house till the next week was over. The day, when the astrologer had predicted the husband would die arrived. The wife wouldn’t let her husband out of her sight. She kept a close watch on him. Slowly the hours ticked by & soon it was nine O’ clock in the night.

The woman started feeling a bit relaxed. She was feeling pretty sure that she had succeeded in cheating death & her husband was safe. She watched from the kitchen as her husband got up from the couch to go to the washroom. That is when, to her great horror, she saw him slip on something & fall down. His head hit the couch with a terrible force & he died on the spot.

The husband had died because of a four wheeler……not on the road…….but at home. The car belonged to their 4 year old son who had left it near the sofa after he had finished playing with it!