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I am back from a near death experience. Don’t go about imagining plane crashes, earthquakes or bombs please! I am back from my oral exams. OK, so this isn’t my first oral, but then I am always equally nervous at each of them. I don’t know but something about two people in front of me, sitting with the sole purpose of judging me, makes me mighty nervous.

These orals were more special because they were to be given in German…umm naturally…since they were for B2 level of German language 😛 So I lost my best ally = English language even before I entered the exam room 😦

Add to this the fact that I have not enrolled for any classroom course for these exams. I have done them all alone, because a few days back I read this:

Dont ask me why I put my faith into this person whom I haven’t even met, but I did, and went and enrolled for the exam! So now I have to wait till the next week to know if I will be happy or wise.

Umm…can I be happy please!!!!