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Yes!!! The best time of the year is here…its finally Winter. Its more precious here because it lasts for a very little while. A maximum of four days & then its gone!!!

Picture taken from Google!

It started yesterday when I voluntarily switched off the ceiling fan. The AC has not been switched on for almost two weeks now. That was probably when the Winter had set in slowly. When I got on the train at 7 AM all the windows were closed, women were dressed up in shawls & had scarves covering their ears.  Some of them had even pulled on gloves. Though I did none of this, I acknowledged the cold by not putting on the fan in the train or opening the windows, which is usually the first thing I always do on getting in. On the roads to my Institute I saw a few men huddled around a small fire they had lit up. While coming back home the sun seemed a little less fierce & the air had a coolness to it. For a change the heat of the sun was welcome & made the atmosphere pleasant.

This is how winter in my city is. We don’t wear heavy woolens, we don’t make snowmen, we don’t go out to skate on the ice, neither are here any huge fireplaces needed. Winter quietly creeps in like a shy girl, delights the few who have time to acknowledge it & then fades away before the majority can even realize it was ever there.