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SOTY is short for Student of the Year. Sounds very exotic & classy doesn’t it? Sigh!!! Is anything but!!!

I know this review is quite late but I had long since vowed that I will never watch a Karan Johar movie! Just cant take them. But with my exams over & nothing much to do & seeing the craze over the “hawties” i.e. in normal English the two heroes, I said why not?

Spoilers ahead…

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The movie has Rishi Kapoor (one amongst the few who actually act & hence doesnt need to shed clothes) playing the gay dean of a college. He is hilarious in each & every scene. His love interest is the very talented Ronit Roy. Other than these two we get a glimpse of Boman Irani, Kajol doing a few steps in a song & Ram Kapoor with Gautami Kapoor. And that’s it with the acting we see in the movie.

The rest of it is filled with girls wearing short dresses, guys in vests, geeks competing with the “cool” dudes for absurd titles like SOTY in equally absurd competitions. After an IQ test 16 students are selected on the basis of merit (dont ask me why 16, why not 10, 20 or 25 or some such sensible figure). These 16 then have to endure an embarrassing treasure hunt round (in a college!). The winners move on to the dance competition which looks more like a disco than a competition. You can watch THE dance competition here.

After this round is the Triathlon (swimming, cycling & running). Here we see the saintly poor man giving in just a second before the finish line so that his not so grateful rich friend can win. I guess this is poor mans way of saying sorry for kissing the rich guys girlfriend though in the end he tries to multiply his goodness by saying he did this so rich guy could prove himself in front of his father.

Through all this the threesome become friends, best friends, ditch friends/ girlfriends, become enemies, become saints, etc. And finally at the end; after some years as the dean is on his death bed; they all come together to meet him; think about their wonderful college moments (because that is the moment for such things) & as always everyone hugs & makes up.

That’s it! And the movie ends! Thankfully!

I watched this thing over a period of 4 days….4 nights to be precise. Put me off to sleep quite well.

Recommended if you think “imitation is the best form of flattery” (old songs remixed, hollywood styles blindly copied, etc) or if you like muscles over brains. For the rest of the majority give it a miss.

I will give it a 1/5 (this 1 is for Rishi, Ronit, Boman & Kajol) 😛