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In one word The Thirteenth Tale (Diane Setterfield) can be described as engaging.

Cover to the first edition

Once you pick up this book it is hard to put down. The book follows “a story within a story” concept. Margaret Lea along with her father runs a bookstore & is addicted to books. She is surprised when famous author Vida Winter approaches her & asks her to write her biography. Initially reluctant Margaret finally takes up the offer. From here begins the story of Vida Winter, Adeline, Emmeline & the place where it all took place – Angelfield. While going through the story, many a times the reader feels certain that he has got the mystery, he knows what will come when he turns the page, but ever time the author is able to surprise the reader with presenting something unexpected.

Diane Setterfield has a beautiful way of describing common events like rain, kids playing in a park, etc so that you can see them all in front of your eyes. Her description is very vivid. Personally these narrations are what I found best in the book.


A 5/5 from my side for this one. Will definitely love to read more of her work.