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With Makarsankranti coming up, I will be helping my mom make Tilgul….or rather the flat version of it i.e. Tilachya vadya which loosely translated in English would be Sesame cakes 😛 Makarsankranti is the festival of harvest when the long winter nights come to an end. A special delicacy which is prepared in Maharashtra for this festival is the Tilgul. It is small & laddoo like & is always invariably hard to break…a test of how strong your teeth are.

File:Tilgul kha god god bola.jpg

These are the stone hard til gul  along with sugar which taste yummy.

Knowing our dental limitations, we at our home make a softer variety of the same which is equally tasty.

Tilachya vadya (Seasame Cakes):


Polished seasame – 1/2 kg

Groundnuts – 1/4 kg

Plain Jaggery (not the sticky one used for tilgul) – 1/2 kg

Dried coconut – 1 large half as the topping




1. Roast the sesame, groundnuts & grated coconut separately till they turn golden brown. Keep some of the roasted coconut aside to be used as topping later. Crumple the remaining half of the coconut by hand into a fine powder.

2.  Grind the sesame & groundnuts. Then add the powdered coconut into it. Set it aside to cool.

3. Heat the jaggery & allow it to melt. Add a little water to it (2-3 tbsp) while its melting. Break any lumps that are formed. Add a little of cardamom powder to it.

4. Next add the ground sesame, coconut & groundnut mix & mix it well & allow it to cool a little.

5. Take a large dish & apply some ghee to it & before the mixture solidifies cut it into diamond shaped cakes. Garnish with the coconut which we had previously grated & roasted!!!

Will add the pictures once I make them over the weekend! 😉

Bon Appétit