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Due to certain things which happened today I was very much disturbed & when I got home was trying hard to divert my mind from today’s happenings. But when I couldn’t do it I tried searching the internet (first to engage my mind by reading some blogs but when couldn’t find anything nice I just started searching for mind diversion techniques directly).

Here goes a list of things which I think might help. I haven’t tried any of them but they sound good. Will definitely put some of them into practice as my source of stress isn’t going away anytime soon!

  1. Think about something else altogether, something which is unrelated to your problem.
  2. Focus on your breath going in & out. Heavy breathing helps fend off stress.
  3. Don’t try NOT to think.
  4. Get busy. Do something which needs concentration so that you can concentrate your mind on something else.
  5. SLEEP *grins* The best remedy for all troubles I believe! And to actually doze off   try counting sheep, read boring stuff which will definitely make you sleepy, etc. The thought of sleep is already making me feel a little relaxed 😛
  6. Stop caring too much about what other people think (Now that is one thing which I really need to learn.) Care for the opinions of only those whom you value, the rest you can, rather you should just forget.
  7. Listen to some music, sing or try playing some instrument, something which soothes you or something on which you can vent out your anger on like a drum
  8. Play with you kids, pets. (I have none 😦 )
  9. Pray
  10. Write a diary
  11. You cannot change people. You can only change yourself & how you react to people & situation

Last but not the least remember: Every black cloud has a silver lining!!! 🙂

If you have anymore interesting tips please do let me know through comments!