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Last night I was watching an episode on “India Fights Back” on LIFE OK channel. The episode was about women being used for surrogacy.  In a village in order to escape poverty & hunger families leave their women in hospitals to be used as machines to give birth to children. Per year a woman gives birth to a child, after the doctor & the donor parents discuss the sex, color, looks of the would be baby. In most of the cases the woman’s family is very well aware of how much the woman is suffering and for what. The family is also shameless enough to call her names & say she isnt pure enough to come back home even if she wishes to.

Women being used as machines to produce kids is shocking enough. But what I found more shocking was how most of the women thought it was their duty to sell their body in order to feed their families. A woman went for one surrogacy after another in order to pamper her brother and his family. Another woman was raped many times but still never attempted anything other than screaming & shouting to get out of this vicious circle. This very woman’s shameless husband says that he cannot have his wife back as she has now turned impure after giving birth to other mens kids while the mother – in – law; a woman herself says what her daughter – in – law is doing is her duty!

Aren’t the emotions of these women their biggest enemies? Why does a woman think it is her sole duty to take care of her family? And at what cost to herself? Is it some twisted form of over confidence where she feels she can manage & master all situations or do emotions make a woman brainless? Does she forget her self identity? How can a woman volunteer to become a machine and even worse not do anything to help herself out of this hell hole is beyond me. Why are women conditioned to think that their abuse, their exploitation are in fact their “sacrifice”? And why does this sort of sacrifice make a woman feel great? On one hand these women claim to be uneducated, but aren’t these traditional women also the same ones who have a lot of faith in God & traditions? Which God, which tradition, which age old practice permits the use of woman as a money spinning machine? In a country where a woman in the form of Goddess Durga & Kali are worshiped for their strength we have another lot of women who worship them but at the same time fail to take a lesson from them. They end up not only being abused but thinking taking & tolerating abuse is what makes them a woman in the first place.

The helpers who help the corrupt inhuman doctors are women, the family which agree to sell their women folk are again women, the doctors who take part in surrogacy procedures are many a times women again! In short nothing, not education, not traditions, not family, no nothing will ever overcome a mans greed for money. That seems like a sad fact of today! Something which was started as a help to those unfortunate enough to not being able to carry their own children has sadly been turned into yet another way in which a woman is exploited & is made to suffer! 😦

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