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Premachi Goshta…sahaj, saadhi, soppi! As promised this is one movie which doesn’t give love any definitions. It accepts that for almost everyone love is happiness & goes ahead to convince us in its own simple way.

Ram Subramanian meets Sonal at the divorce counselors office where they have come for their respective divorce proceedings. This meeting turns into a professional relationship when Sonal becomes his assistant. Love is just beginning to blossom between them when their respective partners wish them back in their lives. Ram who has always believed & said so to Sonal that marriages & love are forever is trapped in his own words. For this time his heart is going against everything his mind believes in.

The story is presented in a simple manner without making it too very preachy. Though Ram comes across as a bit of a loser in the start you understand him better as the movie progresses. The characters of Ram & Sonal tend to grow on you gradually. He is a simple guy who finds his preset notions about marriage & love challenged when he meets Sonal & falls for her. Sonal is a modern girl who isnt afraid to admit to her love & speaks her mind when she finds it necessary. She is the one who makes Ram realize that the hero in his script should end up with the woman who loves him rather than the woman he loves but who has never cared for him. She is equally strong in declaring to her husband that she intends to go her separate way & also stop his raised hand mid way. Both the characters are very nicely developed in the movie.

Atul Kulkarni as Ram Subramanian is very good. Sagarika Ghatge with her anglicized Marathi is nice enough in portraying her emotions but her accent grated on my nerves. Ajay Purekar & Sulekha Talwalkar play the exes to the T. Satish Rajwade, who is also the director, plays Swaraj who is Ram’s friend. Meera Velankar is Meera Joshi who is Sonals best friend. Rohini Hattangadi is Ram’s mother.

The movie is a very mature attempt at understanding a second love. It does drag in places but without getting too very preachy it manages to convey a great deal. The dialogues are crisp & fresh & do manage to make you laugh genuinely. A special mention should also be made of Sagarika’s clothes. As a girl I couldn’t help but notice her beautiful salwar suits or even her simple tops with leggings. Classy!!! Chinmay Kelkar the dialogue writer also deserves a special mention. The show was houseful & the after – show approving murmurs amongst the audience just proved how much everyone had loved it.

A 4.5/ 5 from me for the movie.

P.S.: I did not say this initially because I thought my mom would say “Oh! You see nothing other than Satish Rajwade” but now that mom herself has said it nothing will stop me from admitting it. Satish Sir as Swaraj was awesome in the movie. His body language & comic timing is great. It was a great pleasure to see you onscreen after such a long time Sir.

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