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Nic Xandreou thought Katie was a gold digger out to trap his brother into marriage. Camilla knew her sister better and was determined to champion her cause even if it meant a visit to Xandreou’s stronghold on the island of Karthos.

Camilla Dryden had always been the sensible one in her family, but she had walked into the lion’s den, not realizing the risk she was running. Nic Xandreou wasn’t accustomed to hearing the word no. Especially from a woman.

He was a dangerously sexy man used to women who were sweet, docile and silent! Camilla was anything but. She seemed to enjoy their war of words as much as he. And, as Nic was eager to prove, there was one place they’d be sure to agree–the bedroom! 


I had downloaded this ebook eons ago but somehow never got down to reading it. Yesterday while I was cleaning my computer I came across this one & once started I couldn’t put the book down & completed reading it in a day.

The story is pretty ordinary. But Sara Craven’s style is writing is what makes it so unputdownable. In spite of a cliched start she doesn’t drag the plots unnecessarily & both the hero & the heroine clear up any misunderstandings sooner than later. Though I found the use of Greek terms a little excessive I simply loved the way she has described the island of Karthos & the little meeting which Camilla has with Nics friends.

Though Nic Xandreou isnt as strong a character as most other Greek heroes in M&B romances he is likable. His protective instinct for his younger brother & sister does seem over the top bordering on interfering many a times. Camilla starts off as a sane & sensible girl but after meeting Nic she turns into an accident prone woman, she is fooled by an over eager agent into renting a horrible scooter, she is hit by his sisters car, gets man handled by a waiter, almost drowns…each incident getting her more close to Nic 😉

Overall the novel is a nice one time read. I found the frequent parallels drawn between Apollo, the Greek sun God & Nic a bit silly but leaving that aside its a nice love story.

I will give it a 4 out of 5!