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Yesterday while travelling towards Churchgate I was sitting opposite a woman who had so obviously just returned from the USA after visiting her son, daughter – in – law & their newly born son. As a proud granny she showed off her grandsons pictures. And then as is usual the talks turned to how nice everything in US is as opposed to “this” country. She opened a packet of Lays & while munching on them narrated all her many adventures there. The highlights were the friendly people, the great climate & the discipline & cleanliness which everyone maintains. She emphasized on the last point, with a special mention on how that is so lacking in “this” country again!

After talking about the efforts the Americans take to keep their land clean & tidy it was time for her to get down. As she was done with her munching she crumpled the plastic pouch & threw it out of the window.

Wonder if she would have done it in “that” land? And if not, then lady why did you do it in THIS land!!!

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