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Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus in Mumbai, India

Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus in Mumbai, India (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Mumbai Local Trains…………………..SOME INTERESTING FACTS,
if you are a Mumbaikar………..then you will be sure knowing these, Like If you agree………..

1. Mumbai Local Train where a person thinks he has won a battle….. if he gets a window seat. And then comes a person who sits on the window sill & you spend the next hour calling him all sorts of names in your mind!
2. You should be the bravest man on earth to catch a Virar train to Borivali during peak hours
3. When we (Mumbaikars) are late for college/ office, whatever maybe the reason, we always blame local trains for delay.

4. There will be no place, yet people while boarding the train will say”arey! khali hai bhai, poora train khali hai” (The whole train is empty)

5. Getting in an empty-ish bogie of a mumbai train during peak hours and asking, “Yeh First class hai kya?”(Is this the first class?)

6. That awesome moment when in local trains you don’t have to move towards the exit, you are simply pushed towards it by the crowd!

7. We don’t believe that the train is gonna arrive until the time indicator displays “01 mins remaining”. And this 01 minute goes on for the next 05 minutes easily

8. When we are in a fully packed train, we always feel like sitting.But, when the train is vacant, we stand at the door!

9. In Mumbai suburb there is a invisible station between Borivali and Kandivali known as “Thambevali”

10. Nobody remains “UNTOUCHED” once you enter the Churchgate fast local….no matter what the time

11. Act Dead If Someone asks for your seat in “MUMBAI LOCAL”. HOW DARE THEY!!! 

12. No matter how thin or fat are the 3 people already sitting…someone still occupies the 4th seat……

13. In every local train Journey u will find at least 1 person asking “ arre yeh platform kis taraf aayega??” (on which side will the platform come?)

14. “Agla Station Andheri”(The next station is Andheri) puts everyone in the train in ‘Ready to Fight’ mode!

15. If a Borivali passenger enters in Virar Train………….then its an Inexcusable Crime!! It’s actually a punishable crime. The punishments range from everyone glaring at you to many calling you names & some hefty passengers ensuring you do not get down at Borivali station!

16. Only Mumbai local travelers know what is “VideoCoach”……it means the first class ladies coach attached to gents compartment with a square cut in between 😛

17. In Mumbai you have the following set of Friends: School Friends, College friends, Building friends, Office friends and yes, Train friends, a species unique only in Mumbai. Train friends celebrate birthdays, anniversaries & yes baby showers too irrespective of the time & crowd. They share their delicious tiffins, bitch about their husbands & MILs, get advice about the best things for their kids and most importantly……give their friends a seat after a while. Offering your seat to another person in a Mumbai Local is an indication of friendship or sainthood!

18. Train Timings (7.15, &.42, 8.31, 8.56, 9.01, 9.10, 9.27, 10.16) are really important events of life.

19. If you are unfortunate enough to stand next to the window it is your duty to keep the bags of every person in the train on the rack above your head. Only people with spondilitis & short heights are excused.

20. The easiest way to get a seat in a ladies compartment is to enter with a baby. There will be at least one woman who will offer you seat as she has been there & done that

21. If you are a college student and are travelling at office time with a bag full of books you automatically become mannerless “todays youth” who is pushing the ‘elders’ with his huge bag

22. There has to be one quarrel per compartment per day per journey. It’s as decided as the waxing & waning of the moon.

23. Its useless wasting your money on a Ist class ticket. Both are equally crowded. From my experience I can assure you, you will get a seat sooner in a IInd class compartment than in the Ist class ever. The only difference is the Ist class guys abuse you in English the IInd class ones abuse you in local languages like Hindi, Marathi or Gujrati.

24. That awesome experience of getting wet in the train! How you asked? Well, its raining & if the train is empty & is running at full speed with the doors open a spray of water will blow in & wet everyone in its path. Though annoying when you are going to office, its actually fun to watch when its happening to someone else. 😛

25. Getting inside a train requires either tact or brute force. So either you get in from the tracks by climbing in from the wrong side or do a super – man would be ashamed jump in order to get in at peak hours. If you fall & break something you are elevated to hero status once you return from the hospital (IF you return in some cases!)

Source: Facebook

The ones in red are my contributions to this list which I found on FB 😉

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