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While I was reading through a post on Bevchen’s blog about what made her happy this week I realized I have often used this blog to express my frustration but never my happiness. That had me thinking about what made me happy this week?

It was wonderful to have two job offers in my hand. One double paying than the other 😉

The more paying ones also sponsored my Bangalore trip to their office, to – and  – fro! Felt like a queen checking in without any luggage, getting in a prepaid cab & zooming off! Ahh! To lead the blessed life 🙂

I also had a big realization that no matter how much we fight, I love my mother & more importantly she loves me back as well 🙂 It is a nice feeling to be this sure of someone loving you back!

And lastly I read that finally Khaled Hosseini is ready with his new book & Dan Brown too!!! Which book reader wouldn’t be over the moon then? I had been waiting for their books since forever! May, where are you?!


So what has made you happy recently?

I think I need to make such posts more often. It feels great to recount things which made you smile through the whole week. 🙂

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