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When photographer Lisa Sullinger injures herself while exploring alone in the harsh desert of Moquansaid, she thinks it’s pretty bad luck. Then a sandstorm strikes!

Handsome, enigmatic Sheikh Tuareg al Shaldor shelters Lisa in his desert tent before whisking her to his stunning, palatial home.

Lisa can’t help but fall for Tuareg–but she knows he has built barriers around his shattered heart. Can Lisa dare to dream she might be the one to bring light–and love–back into the brooding sheikh’s world?

Lisa Sullinger is working as a photographer at an archaeological dig in Moquansaid. While exploring the desert she is stranded in a storm with Sheikh Tuareg (I know Turareg is a name of a desert tribe, is it a name too?). While Lisa falls for the Sheikh, Tuareg is still in love with his wife who died 3 years back.

The best thing I liked about this book is how real & practical both these characters are. In one instance when Tuareg implies Lisa might be scheming with his mother to trap him into marriage, Lisa like any normal self – respecting girl, despite loving him, is very much hurt & behaves accordingly. Love doesn’t turn her shameless where his accusation doesn’t hurt, neither does she sit crying. She gets back & moves on.

Tuareg in spite of being a Sheikh is not painted as the hero for whom nothing is impossible. Although he is extremely wealthy the writer rightfully shows him being helpless in front of bureaucratic procedures.

Even the end isn’t overly romanticized. Tuareg falls in love slowly & like any man who once loved his wife deeply has difficulty accepting it. 

These little touches make the novel look real & practical…a rare thing in a Mills & Boon novel 🙂 A 3/5 for it from my side.

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