My biggest complaint against myself is that I think too much. I have come to this conclusion after thinking a lot about it…naturally! I have a tendency to ponder over really stupid things or things which cannot be changed & to completely NOT think about important or changeable things. While I have done nothing to correct the second part, I have been trying to set the first thing right.

Just today I read in the newspaper about the harms of thinking too much. The author tells us that a baby sits contentedly on the floor watching adults all around it walk by. If it were to think “I am so little & light and yet I cannot walk, but these guys who are so tall, fat, elder than me, etc are able to walk about” this way of thinking could have some really disastrous effects on its growth. This can make the child feel inferior for no reason. It can hamper its growth. This also reduces its joy which it gets from being carried around by Mom & Dad for he is dwelling too much on the wrong sort of thing. And the worst part would be the helplessness it feels for he cannot walk till a certain set time, no matter how hard he tries.

A child doesn’t think too much. It just lets it be. We should all aim for the same. Its useless thinking about things. What is meant to be, shall be.

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