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A love triangle between a guy and two girls, who are best friends but the complete opposite of one another.


The story revolves around 3 friends Gautam Kapoor (Saif Ali Khan), Veronica (Deepika Padukone) & Meera Gupta (Diana Penty).

As is obvious from the choice of names Veronica is the modern girl who drinks, sleeps around & wears clothes to cover the bare minimum. Meera on the other hand is traditional & though not seen in churidaars she is always dressed from head to toe. Her drinking alcohol is the ‘sign’ that she has now decided to live her life in the true sense of the word.

Gautam naturally then has to be a womanizer. He moves in with Veronica. However when his mother pops up out of nowhere in Veronica’s apartment he introduces the prim & proper Meera as his girlfriend. The seemingly modern Veronica has no problem with this & is laughing & encouraging this nonsense the whole while. In one such moment when Gautam & Meera are alone (Veronica in her lone attempt to impress Gautam’s mother has gone home with her) they end up having an almost kiss. And thats it.

All of a sudden Gautam has found his LUB! The mad, will fetch the stars for you, die for you, will go through anything to be with you sort of love. Meera too falls for her best friends boyfriend. When their conscience pricks they decide to put a stop to this. But Gautam having found his ultimate LUB is reluctant to give up on it. He tells Veronica out front that she loves him, but he loves Meera.

After initially pretending to be happy, Veronica gets drunk & does what is correct. FINALLY! She taunts Meera & throws her out…not literally but makes it plain she can leave, no one is going to stop her. Gautam is shattered & is stopped from going in search of Meera because Veronica meets with an accident. He plays nurse during which time Veronica decides that she is better off w/o him….actually no…she sees he is always going to sulk w/o Meera & hence does herself a favour.

The movie is another one of those movies which support adultery & cheating in the name of modernity. Also, modern are those who sleep around, drink, dance & wear the bare minimum. These are also the ones who cannot be good daughters in law but miraculously are everybody’s dream sons in law & husbands. The simple looking Meera doesn’t think twice about her best friend, the same woman who gave her shelter when she was all alone before falling for her boyfriend. The boyfriend is another jerk who uses Veronica badly in the name of modernity.

The songs are good. The story is crap. All the 3 actors in their respective roles are nice. The few interactions between Deepika & Boman Irani are vulgar! No stranger tells a woman how to sit. He will end up getting slapped! In Hindi the whole movie can be summed up in one word: chichora

A 2/5 for this one.

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