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I was busy wasting my time watching TV when my phone rang. And what do I hear? My CM Mr. Prithviraj Chauhan is talking to me! I was going to slam my phone when I thought let me hear it out…for this is not your usual sales call naturally.

English: Holi celebrations, Pushkar, Rajasthan.

English: Holi celebrations, Pushkar, Rajasthan. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Holi is round the corner. It is the festival of colors. People come out & play with colours & water. Friends, family everyone gathers and in the blistering March heat cool themselves by playing in cold water. To this add lots of colour & Holi celebrations are complete.

This year Maharashtra & the whole of India is facing drought. This call was an appeal from him to play a dry holi. Also he requested us to use natural colours instead of the chemical ones. This is the first time I have seen a person at his level make calls; recorded ones yes; but still bothering to call out people & make them aware that wasting water for fun is no longer an option. I know many will say…big deal, he is the CM, he should be concerned, it was a recorded call, it was a political gimmick. But saving water is a cause close to my heart. Hence it did touch me that someone is taking an effort to raise awareness.

With this thing in mind can we cancel all the cricket matches which we are hosting? Local, national ,international….we do a lot of water & electricity there too! Same goes with the Mahaepisodes which each serial must have on TV. For cheap fun liters of water is wasted. And the famous holi parties of Bollywood stars too. I hope the CM has called them too! And Asaram Bapu too while we are making a “to – call” list.


Here is wishing everyone a colourful & safe Holi!!! Enjoy yourself!!!

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