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This sweet romantic comedy reunites “Sleepless In Seattle” stars Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks. He’s the owner of a bookstore chain; she’s the woman he falls for online. Both are unaware that she runs the little shop his company is trying to shut down.

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While most people watch Sleepless in Seattle first & then this one, I have done it the other way round. We just got a new LED TV & this is the first movie I watched on it HD. A new TV, HD picture quality & a movie which turned out to be super good!!! I was pleased no end. 🙂

There is something about Tom Hanks & Meg Ryan. Its not the usual sizzling chemistry, but something softer & more romantic which just shows onscreen. I loved these two together.

The main concept is something which is close to my heart. Meeting someone online & falling for them, or rather falling for their thoughts without even meeting them once may sound crazy to read but it does happen. The power of words I suppose. Seeing Kathleen Kelly (Meg Ryan) tiptoe & make sure her boyfriend has gone before she rushed to her computer had me grinning like an idiot. Being a net addict this is exactly what I do almost daily. Though unfortunately I don’t have a Joe Fox (Tom Hanks) on the other side waiting for an email from me. 😛

I loved the cozy little book store which Kathleen owns. Joe Fox unknowingly helping out Kathleen in her professional crisis was fun to watch especially since he was the one causing all the trouble for her. While in the beginning I was worried whether Kathleen would forgive him for forcing her to close her business since it was her mom who had started it, it came as a relief when she did not let it affect her personal life & moved on without holding any grudges against him.

This movie has no great big romantic moments but the small ones are the ones which touched me the most. Joe & Kathleen decide to meet up for the first time in a restaurant. However after Joe comes to know that his email friend is the same woman who he is soon going to put out of business he goes away. But then seeing her sitting there all by herself, waiting patiently for him he comes back & keeps her company without revealing anything about his virtual self. When she is ill he gets her daisies which NY152 knows from Shopgirl 🙂 From there on he carefully builds up their friendship so that she isn’t too shocked when she comes to know who NY152 actually is! The ending left a big smile on my face.

A 5/5 for this movie from me. I will be watching this again & again.

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