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A recently-widowed man’s son calls a radio talk show in an attempt to find his father a partner. As the father (Sam Baldwin/ Tom Hanks) talks to the RJ about his dead wife & their love a majority of the female population listening to the national radio ends up falling in love with him. Amongst the many women who are listening to him & falling in love is Annie Reed (Meg Ryan) who although engaged finds herself falling for Sam.

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This movie came highly recommended. Almost everyone I know cant stop gushing over how perfect this movie is. And after watching “You’ve got mail” which has both Tom Hanks & Meg Ryan & is also made by Nora Ephron my expectations from this movie were naturally very high.

And because of these (unrealistic maybe) really high expectations I felt a little let down when I finally watched it. I loved the whole idea of a man being so much in love with his dead wife. He has become so much of a family man that he has forgotten how to date. The conversation he has with the RJ is quite touching. His “Well, how long is your program?” to the RJs, “Can you tell me what was so special about your wife” will make any girl go all awww! 🙂

However once this scene got over & Annie fell for this mystery man the one thing I kept really looking forward to was their first meeting….which unfortunately took place only at the end. All through the movie Annie is seen with Walter (Bill Pullman) who is a ‘Sam Baldwin’ himself in the dedication he shows towards Annie. And only when he puts the ring on her finger does she bother telling him that for the past many days she has been falling out of love with him & in love with someone else (a someone whom she hasn’t even met!). I loved that Walter took this declaration like a true gentleman & created no unnecessary & embarrassing scenes in the restaurant; which just makes me like him more & Annie less.

Was I the only one who found Annie putting a detective on Sam a bit too creepy? I know she did this to ensure he wasn’t some crackhead but in Sam’s shoes I would have had serious objections to this. Also, the scene where Sam is at the airport with his son & stops & stares when Annie arrives would have been more effective if Annie too had felt a little something & stopped just a second to stare at this stranger. She being completely blank & not sensing his presence somehow went against the basic principle of the movie.

The end was quite nice & when the movie ended all I wanted was more of Sam & Annie’s story! Guess I am turning into a Tom – Meg fan! 🙂

A 3/5 from my side.