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Yesterday I had been to a company where I gave a written test. Since leaving college this is the first time I had picked up a pen to write  down anything which was more than 50 words at a time. I was given an essay to write for 250 words.

A hand writing with a pen on paper


Just half way through the first page I glanced at the third finger on my writing hand to see the familiar black spot back on it where the pen rubbed against the finger. The fingers were hurting from this “new” exercise. 🙂 The pen also felt strange in my hand & my handwriting had certainly lost its former neatness. What I saw on the page was legible but not exactly neat. While once I had been pretty comfortable writing on a blank paper, this time my writing wasn’t following any straight lines. It went up & down adding to the untidiness.

At one point when I was wondering what is the correct spelling of “nitty – gritty” I actually believed that if I write it down & the irritating green/ red line appeared beneath it then I could always use the spell – check option. I almost smiled at the thought as I realized afresh that I wasn’t typing it out on a computer which had spell – check & auto – correct but was writing it down.

By the time I completed my essay I did realize one thing. Typing something on the computer does not give me as much pleasure as writing it down with the pen does. I love that there is no auto correct on paper, I love the smell of the ink & most of all I love sleeping on the paper & writing. Even in school my mother & teachers had tried correcting this habit of mine. But give me a paper to write & I will sleep on it when I start writing. I just love seeing the alphabets so close….I have never said I was normal. 😛

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