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Play Synopsis:

A young girl from a village in Maharashtra comes to Mumbai to learn at a script writing academy where her favorite author is working as a teacher. Right since her school days she has been reading his works & admires the genuineness in each & every piece of his writing. However when she starts attending his lectures she is shocked to see her idol has changed. No longer does he write what his heart tells him to. He writes to please the audience. His writing no longer reflects his heart. He has given in to the fierce competition of the TV & film world & now writes to earn money. The whole play revolves around this student & teacher relationship where each of them evolve into better humans & also bring their failing lives & careers back on track.

Writer, director: Girish Joshi

Actors: Girish Joshi & Mukta Barve

I watched this play at Prabodhankar Thakrey in Borivali. The theatre is quite huge, the seating arrangement is comfortable. However my previous & current experience tells me that they do not start the show on time.

I had gone in to watch this drama without knowing anything about the story & the cast. I like Mukta Barve & that is the only reason I decided to go with my mother to watch it & I have absolutely no regrets.

Girish Joshi is a teacher at a script writing academy who decides to help a weak student of his class played by Mukta Barve. The teacher observes that the girl has little interest in what he teaches. Initial coaching doesn’t yield any great results. As the show progresses Mukta reveals how she had been a huge fan of Girish’s writing since her school days & hence when she had come all the way from her village to Mumbai to learn at his academy she had had great expectations. However he had failed to meet her expectations and this was the reason why she had lost interest in the course. The teacher is shocked to hear this. She says she fell in love with his old writing because he used to pen down what was in his heart. Now, like every run – of – the – mill author he writes to please the audience. His writing no longer reflects his heart. This leads to a fight between the two.

Towards the end both of them undergo a big change in their perspectives. Where the teacher goes back to writing with his heart, the student starts writing to please the readers & audiences. Both of them find success on their chosen paths.

The journey of these two as they undergo a change in their perspective is beautifully depicted. Mukta plays the role of a small town girl who feels let down by her idol extremely well. Girish is excellent as the teacher who is trying to teach a weak student. He portrays the irritation, expectations, frustrations of a teacher very well. In the whole play there was one particular dialogue which I loved. The teacher asks the student as to why do we need a story? When she doesn’t answer he explains that our real life doesn’t follow any particular logic. Undeserving people find success, insincere ones meet people who love them with all their heart, sincere people get cheated, criminals go scot free. But in stories, the right always wins over the wrong, there is no unrequited love, true love always wins in the end, hard work is awarded. A character once sketched by the writer will always behave in a certain logical way. He won’t be absurd & unpredictable. This is why we need stories for they give us hope. They make us believe in goodness, virtue, loyalty, love, etc. I truly loved loved loved this dialogue & it also won a round of applause from the audience.

The play is beautifully done. Although when the first part got over I still wasn’t sure what to expect I was not bored. The unpredictability was nice. The end was something unique with no unnecessary & absurd love stories. The writer managed to convey many things subtly without preaching.

It is a must watch for all those who like to think & be entertained. The whole subject is presented in a light hearted manner but towards the end you understand the serious issues being addressed through it. I was very much happy with the acting & writing. However the sets could have been better, and by better I don’t mean more beautiful or elaborate, but clean. The walls of the house/ set were quite unclean! Please clean up more. 😛 The other annoying part was the frequent lights out. The lights out lasted quite long sometimes & nothing much changed when the light came on either. The other annoying part was the background music. I did not like it much. It did nothing to convey the mood of the characters or the scene. It was just bleh! But I would still recommend everyone to watch it for the acting & writing alone.

A 4/5 from my side.

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