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Written by: Prashant Dalvi

Director: Chandrakant Kulkarni

Cast: Sandeep Mehta, Madhvi Kulkarni, Samidha Guru, Gayatri & Swapnil Joshi.

Synopsis: Pratik(Swapnil Joshi) is an alcohol addict who on his wife’s insistence decides to get treated for his addiction problems. The play sketches out the effects alcohol has not only on the addict but also his spouse, family & society.

The play began with a reporter visiting a psychiatrist & asking him to share his experiences at treating alcoholics as she plans to write an article on it. The doctor shares with her the case of Pratik Berde. The reporter is surprised to learn that Pratik is no daily wage earner but a big shot executive in some fancy MNC who is a social drinker. His drinking problems increased to such an extent that he was demoted. When his wife threatened to leave him & take their kids with her and when he saw his own parents supporting her decision he decides to take her advice & visit a doctor. On the doctor’s advice he enrolls in Muktangan, a rehab center where he mixes with other alcoholics, attends Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, is shown ways to control his urge to drink & then is finally discharged. His lifestyle & outlook towards life undergo a considerable change. He is offered a posting in the US which he takes up much against his wife’s wishes & with his doctor’s blessings.

The play also has a second case of addiction. This woman is addicted to taking large doses of tablets.  It is none other than the journalist who had come to interview the doctor at the beginning of the show. The journalist is in fact an M.D. doctor who had come looking for more information on Pratik as she is connected to Pratik in a twisted way.

The entire play revolves around addiction. The reasons which cause it, the effects it has, who all it affects, what causes it, etc.

All the actors are excellent in their roles. I especially loved Sandeep Mehta as the psychiatrist. The whole play has a beautiful flow to it where one thing leads to another. My favorite part is the last scene between Pratik & Meera (the journalist/ MD/ addict) where each realize how their own weak minds made them fall prey to their respective addictions. How a craving to be the best in everything, to be superior to one & all & having an inferiority complex which they hid behind things slowly but steadily led to their own destruction when things weren’t going as per plan.

The play is a must watch. The dialogues are crisp & nice. The sets have been nicely done. All the actors have put in their best. It is well researched & although informative it does not bore the audience with too much of statistics & facts.

A 5/5 for this one.

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