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“Duniya ka koi bhi jazba hadh se zyada badh jaye toh nuksan dene lagta hai… chahe woh mohabbat hi kyun na ho.” (Anything in excess can be harmful; even love.)

Spoilers ahead

Behadd is a Pakistani telefilm written by Umera Ahmed & produced by Momina Duraid. It was telecast on HUM TV in June 2013. It has Nadia Jamil (Masooma), Fawad Khan (Jamaal) & Sajal Ali (Maaha) in the lead roles.

Masooma is Maaha’s  single, working mother. After losing her husband in a road accident Masooma & Maaha have always been together through thick & thin. Because of this closeness Masooma becomes over protective of her daughter while Maaha relies on her mother to an unhealthy extent. When Jamaal, Masooma’s old friend starts working in the same office as hers, they rekindle their old friendship. Masooma is pleasantly surprised to see Maaha bonding very well with Jamaal as till date Maaha has never taken to some stranger so easily. While Masooma busies herself in finding a suitable girl for Jamaal, he ends up falling for Masooma instead. The real story starts with Maaha admitting that she likes Jamaal & has no problem with her mother marrying him.

All the three actors playing Masooma, Maaha & Jamaal have done a fabulous job. Nadia plays the over protective, loving & caring mother & the confused woman who might be getting a second chance at love perfectly. Fawad is a typical bachelor who charms his woman with love & her daughter with affection. Sajal plays the spoilt, self centred daughter to the T.

While the leads are Masooma & Jamaal, the story is more about Maaha & her emotions. The movie mentions in passing about a certain another movie in which a step father assaults his daughter. While the writer has tried to convince the audience that this is from where Maaha’sgrand plan might have stemmed from I found it a little hard to believe. Maybe because I found her extremely manipulative in her own right? Right in the first fifteen minutes she manipulates her mother cleverly so that she doesn’t have to go to the theatre with her mother’s friends. She makes sure it is only her mother & her in the car. While I would have understood this coming from a 5 year old, a 15 year old acting in such a manner cannot be called innocent or insecure. She systematically ensures that things are done the way she likes it irrespective of the feelings of others involved, be it going to the theatre or setting up Jamaal. It is also surprising that Maaha accuses Jamaal of a thing as disgusting & unforgiving as assault & not something of a smaller degree like being unkind towards her, or calling him a flirt, etc. She knows this is one thing for which her mother will never forgive him. She leaves him no path back to her mother. Another point to be noted is that she patiently waits (smiling sweetly all the time) till the perfect moment arrives when she is alone with him & can trap him. It is her word against his. The charge is huge. Is it any surprise then that the mother chooses to believe her daughter? Also, when she repents her deeds she chooses to ask for his forgiveness but conveniently forgets to tell her mother about this. But then maybe she would have after he had forgiven her?

The end of the movie is left hanging. And hence we may interpret it as we like. I personally feel after going through the emotional trauma & shame which Jamaal is forced to go through he might forgive Maaha for her mother’s sake but he will definitely reconsider the proposal. Can love be that forgiving? I have my doubts.

The story is not new. We all have seen & heard of such cases before. But the execution & direction is beautiful.  A special mention to the sets & the costumes of the show is absolutely necessary. Masooma looks stunning in all her simple dresses. Her house is a treat to watch. 🙂 Maaha is stylish in her own way. Jamaal with that bearded look certainly made my heart beat a little faster 😉

Definitely worth watching! A 5/5 from me.

Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ng_ltLQbvfo

P.S.: A Question 😛

Masooma calls Jamaal ‘Jo’. Can someone tell me how Jamaal can ever be abbreviated to JO 😛