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A few months back I remember getting up one morning & seeing the above poster on the front page of Times of India. I cringed when I saw the sheer lack of class here & decided then & there that this is one movie which is bound to fail.

Some days passed & trailers of the movie started releasing all over. It was everywhere, TV, radio, at the railway station, facebook, twitter, tumblr everywhere. Some of the promos were actually funny, especially the one where Deepika (Meena) kicks (literally kicks him) SRK (Rahul) out of bed. That made me decide that I will watch this movie! (Please don’t judge me for this :P). And I am happy to report I was absolutely right in watching this movie.

The movie kick starts with the classic DDLJ train sequence. From there it moves at the speed of an express train 🙂 The hero & heroine are kidnapped by the heroines father who is a local Don. While trying to escape from his clutches the two fall in love. However, yet again in typical DDLJ style, instead of eloping the hero gets her back home & seeks her father’s blessings for the union.

The scenery & nature adds to the beauty of each scene. In the initial promos I had found Deepika’s Tamil accented Hindi too very OTT. But in the movie it blends in well & didn’t grate on my nerves as it did during the promos. SRK is very good in his comic timing. The overall Tamilian background enhances the storyline. Even the villains who kidnap Rahul & Meena are perfect in their roles. The songs are melodious. I loved the Thalaiva, Kashmir main tu Kanyakumari song. A few things which deserve a special mention are that Deepika is covered from head to toe during the whole length of the movie, there are no kisses, pecks on the cheek, sex scenes, no double entendres. The jokes aren’t vulgar. These things deserved a special mention since they are so rare in Hindi movies these days 😛

The climax of the movie is far fetched, but then as it is a Rohit Shetty movie it cannot be complete without some MI – style action sequences. The climax is entirely dedicated to that alone.

The criticism that the movie mocks South Indian culture is wrong IMO. The Thalaiva song may seem a bit mocking but then if Rajnikanth himself has no problem I don’t think his fans should be bothered either. Other than this I found the whole movie funny but definitely not mocking. It highlighted the common problem which any North Indian guy would face in the South.

A 4.5/ 5 for Chennai Express. Do watch it in the theatres once.