No that isn’t some book which I read! It is a fact which I discovered two days back.

I found out our house maid stealing food from our refrigerator. It came as quite a shock because she is one of those rare creatures who talk less, are regular & till two days back I thought do not steal, hence reliable. While we have been noticing that things have mysteriously disappeared, a cake of soap, a slice of cheese, a box of candles, etc we assumed it was misplaced. But now I have reason to believe that it might have been stolen.

When she first started working at our place, mother had once offered her Basundi on Diwali which she had refused to have saying that her Guru has asked her to eat only that which she cooks herself. I wonder if the Guru also mentioned anything about not stealing too.

I sympathize with her. She is a single mother whose daughter wishes to be a CA. She works at almost 7 -8 homes. All she had to do was ASK! I would have helped her willingly. But thievery is one thing I will not encourage. After locking my fridge I now have the added task of keeping tabs on her.