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Lagna Pahave Karun is a marathi movie directed by Ajay Naik. It has Umesh Kamat as Nishant Barve & Mukta Barve as Aditi Tilak in the lead roles supported by Swati Chitnis, Tejashri Pradhan & Siddharth Chandekar.

Nishant & Aditi start a marriage bureau. Their marriage bureau is unique in that it doesn’t fix marriages by tallying horoscopes. They allow the interested boys & girls to meet, but in a dark room where they can judge each other by their thoughts & voice rather than their looks. If the first meet succeeds they arrange for the couple to meet in a coffee shop after which the parents can meet up to finalize the marriage if the couples agree.

Tejashri Pradhan & Siddharth Chandekar play their first ‘couple’ who get married. However a trained & successful astrologist who also runs a marriage bureau bang opposite Nishant & Aditi’s challenges them that their first couple will break up soon as their horoscopes do not match at all.

The movie has a fresh look to it. The concept, although based on the age old duel of whether horoscope match is really necessary for a marriage to succeed, is nicely handled. It highlights the very important point that compromise is necessary in any relationship. Relationships last not because of planetary positions but on how much you value your partner. The fights which led to the temporary separation between Tejashri & Siddharth is thankfully not based on the quarelling, bitchy in – laws but instead it is because the girl was forced into marriage when she wasn’t mentally ready. Hence though you feel angry with her for hurting the hero so much, you can understand when they decide to let bygones be bygones & come back together. So a match without matching horoscopes doesn’t break because the two decide to give their relationship a second chance.

In the meanwhile the background story of Aditi is revealed. The girl has lost both her parents at the time of her birth. Also, her marriage is fixed twice, but is broken because the boys die before their marriage. This naturally causes self esteem issues for her & an uncertainty about getting married ever. Nishant helps her out of this beautifully.

The sets, costumes, actors & dialogues are all brilliant. Mukta looks beautiful & stylish in the movie. The songs are very forgettable. Definitely worth watching in the theatres.

A 4/5 for the movie.