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In Westeroes where prophecies, black magic, blood magic, curses & superstitions in general form such an intricate part of the society is Sansa Stark cursed? She is beautiful, an heiress as long as her younger brothers don’t return, kind & gentle & clueless about most of the things going on about her. Is she being played by fate as well as the players of the Game of Thrones?

Every person she has come in contact with for a long or short while has had their lives turned upside down. Some died, some met a fate worse than death. But their lives were unalterably changed. The causes of their misfortune are different but they all share a common person whom they befriended or were related to: Sansa Stark.

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The list whose lives Sansa Stark affected directly or indirectly by just being a part of it:

The Stark family:

They have been in touch with her the longest & hence have suffered the most. Today the family doesn’t exist, they are individuals surviving on their own but the family is long gone.

Ned Stark: I hold Sansa 50% responsible for his death. She ran to Cersei & ruined her father’s plans to get her & Arya out of King’s Landing. He died.

Catelyn Stark: Lost her husband, eldest son, believes all her children except Sansa are dead, died herself in a horrible manner, didn’t find peace after death & returned as Stoneheart.

Arya Stark: Her entire life turned upside down the day her sister foolishly went to the Queen. She lost her father & went from being a lady to being a pauper, eating worms, riding with outlaws, hiding from the world & may be on the way to forgetting her very identity.

Robb Stark: Died a terrible death at the Red Wedding & lost the final battle against the Lannisters inspite of being crowned a King by the Northerners. Though never knew of it, he was fooled by his own wife who was a pawn of Tywin Lannister.

Bran, Rickon: Lost their home & parents. Are separated from what remains of their family. Bran might very well soon become a tree & Rickon is amongst cannibals in Skagos with only a wildling woman for company.

Jon Snow: Is mocked for supporting the Wildlings & is called a Turncloak. Is betrayed by his own brother & stabbed (maybe to death?)

Theon Greyjoy: I am including him here because he was the ward of Ned Stark. He wasn’t family but lived for a long time in Winterfell. He was flayed, skinned & even castrated by Ramsay. He might soon die.

And in general all the people in Winterfell who die or are taken to Dreadfort when the Bolton’s capture Winterfell.

Her friends:

Jeyne Poole: She has suffered worst in the lot. She was taken from Sansa’s room when she went to meet the Queen. She was trained by Littlefinger to please men meaning she was in one of his whore houses forced to whore. Later she is married to Ramsay who is nothing but a monster. After escaping him she might very well die of frost bite.

Margery Tyrell: Is accused of cheating on her husband & locked up in a cell. Going by the punishment Cersei gets her fate doesn’t look too bright either. She has placed her life in the hands of the Faith. Her beloved brother lies dying while she herself is a prisoner with no one to help her.

Her maid:

Shae: Is killed by Tyrion.

Her enemies:

Cersei: The Queen who was fucking her own brother since birth gets caught for fucking the Kingsguard. Is paraded naked in front of the whole town. She also loses her beloved son for which she directly blames Sansa & her husband Tyrion.

Tyrion: Sansa is forced to marry Tyrion. He is accused of killing Joffrey & becomes a kingslayer. Later he has to flee King’s Landing leaving behind all his wealth & heritage & comforts. In the Sorrows he is about to drown but is saved. However he might have gotten Grey Scale. Later on he is sold into slavery where the son of a Lord is made to tilt for his masters.

Boros Blount: He used to beat her up on the orders of the King & was later removed from the Kingsguard. Even when he is reinstated in the Kingsguard he is the food taster, a shameful position for any knight.

Lancel: Hit her on the orders of Joffrey & ended up getting so badly injured in the battle of Blackwater that he loses all his courage to fight. The son of a warrior, a knight puts his sword aside & pledges himself to the service of God & in the process gives up his wife & all his claims.

People who helped her:

The Hound: Is grievously injured in a fight & on the verge of death. Many presume he is already dead but he might be the brother who met Brienne. If he isn’t dead, then a warrior has given up his sword for the faith once again.

Ser Dontos Hollard: Killed by Littlefinger

Lady Lysa Arryn: Offered her shelter but was killed by Littlefinger. Also she was betrayed by Sansa when she went along with Littlefinger’s deception & named the singer as Lysa’s killer.

Brienne: Is on a quest to find Sansa & keep her promise to Lady Catelyn. Has already got her cheek ripped out. Her fate remains to be seen.

Jaime: May join Brienne in finding Sansa. His fate remains to be seen.

Her love interests:

Joffrey: Is poisoned by a substance hidden in Sansa’s hairnet.

Loras Tyrell: Is grievously injured in the battle against Dragonstone & is on the verge of death.


Lady: She was killed because of Sansa (direct cause)

Nymeria: Was separated from Arya because of Sansa’s lie.

People who she is in touch with but are as yet unaffected:

Littlefinger: Is still alive & kicking. He has managed to win the Vale over to his cause. However with Brienne (and possibly) Jaime heading his way he might die or be forced to flee or have his careful plans go astray.

Little Robin: Is high on Littlefinger’s hit list.

Note: While Sansa did not directly cause the downfall of any of these people her presence in their lives is the one common factor which they all share. In some instances it was her action or inaction which caused a series of events which led to destruction of these people.