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What if love was right there in front of you – you just couldn’t see it?

Elizabeth Egan is too busy for friends. As a reluctant mother to her sister Saoirse’s young son Luke and with her own business to run, every precious moment is made to count.

But with Saoirse crashing in and out of their lives, leaving both her sister and her son reeling, Luke and Elizabeth are desperately in need of some magic.

Enter Ivan. Wild, spontaneous and always looking for adventure, in no time at all Ivan has changed Elizabeth in ways she could never have imagined. But is Ivan too good to be true? Has Elizabeth opened her heart only to risk it being broken again?

As for Ivan, he thought he was there to help Luke not Elizabeth – or himself…



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The book is a wonderful mix of fantasy & harsh realities. It is fast paced & is filled with small plots which make an interesting read. Elizabeth is a pushover who is manipulated shamelessly by her sister & we think by her dad too. Ivan comes into her life as a fresh breath of air. He is an invisible friend.

The author has done a wonderful job of writing about the earliest friends many children have had. Many might have forgotten them & many don’t talk about them for fear of being ridiculed. But as research has proved & as Luke & Lizzy learned from their own experience, they do exist. And it isn’t a case of just one or two people. There is a whole organization of them functioning in the place called Ekam Eveileb (can you guess what it actually means? :)) whose job it is to ensure that no one is lonely. They work with anyone who is in any sort of emotional crisis. They work with lonely children, dying old people, toddlers, children who are too shy to go out on their own. If you truly need them they will appear by your side. They are unfortunately cursed with being immortal & hence cannot fall in love for they never age while their love will. Also, they are visible only to the people they help & hence you run the risk of appearing like a fool to the world in general if you talk to one of them.

Cecelia Ahern has described these people in great details. The different auras they exhibit & how the colour of that aura changes with their moods, their various tasks of reading wishes off shooting stars & jinny joes (which are dandelions) is a nice insight into this world of make believe. But as the wise Dumbledore said: who said it’s not real if it’s just in your mind? 😉

Ahern has described the scenes with the dandelions & shooting stars with such finesse that I was transported to this place where Ivan & Lizzy were enjoying these moments.  In that moment I was one invisible person looking at these two enjoying that moment to the fullest. The book is a nice read & made me feel happy after I had completed it. It is filled with some great advice which sounds all the more convincing because it is made so simple. I will definitely read this book when I feel low. It is the kind of thing which can cheer you up.

A confession: I too had an invisible friend when I was little. I don’t remember when I started talking with him or stopped it either. But I used to talk with him for hours together. I used to tell him everything. The only difference between me & Lizzy was that I knew he was my imagination. He never talked with me, but he made me talk. He was the best listener in the whole world. He listened without judging. He was always there. I remember you my dear friend & miss you too. You will never be forgotten, my very own invisible friend.