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This last Sunday I watched Chaapa – Kaata, a Marathi drama starring Reema & Mukta Barve. The drama is directed by Sameer Vidhwans & written by Iravati Karnik.



Mukta Barve (Maitreyi) is a 33 year old girl running a boutique in Nashik & living with her old, eccentric mother Reema (Uttara). The daughter’s entire life till now has centred around her widowed mother. But the twist in the tale comes when she meets Aseem, a 35 year old guy from Uttar Kashi & falls in love with him. When she admits her feelings to her mother (TMI ALERT!!!), the mother who fears losing her daughter to this man begins emotionally blackmailing her. In order to ensure that her daughter doesn’t marry Aseem & leave her alone she pretends to fall ill. To further ensure her selfish wishes are fulfilled she compares her own daughter unfavourably to the doctorate student that is Aseem. This is a technique which she has been using on her daughter for a long time. She derides her daughter for her poor choice of a career thus casting her into a pit of zero self esteem making sure she never takes the leap needed to begin a new life.

The main story of the drama was good. All the actors in their role are perfect. Reema as the eccentric mother is a treat to watch.

However, in spite of having such talented actors & a good story the drama failed to impress me. The story was all over the place. It was presented in fragments which in the end weren’t joined up properly to make a good, strong narration. The background story of the impact the extra – marital affairs of her parents had on Maitreyi falls flat because of this. I wasn’t able to connect with her at that point at all & in my opinion that is a huge contributing factor for what makes Maitreyi & Uttara what they are today. Another thing were the dialogues. I understand the need for expressing raw emotions at certain places, but dialogues like “tula atta nakoy ka?” from Maitreyi when Aseem refuses to sleep with her make her sound cheap. These & some such dialogues could have been written in a more sensitive way without sounding crass.

However all this would have been overshadowed had there been any growth in characters. The main premise of the show was the selfish mother & the loving but foolishly self – scarifying daughter. This equation did not change even at the end. The mother was selfish even in her sacrifice when she did not care how much her pretend – death would affect her daughter. The daughter was foolish in not being able to take any decision on her own, a trait which she always possessed. In the end she united with Aseem because her mother made her decision for her, like always! It would have been so much better had she made a decision for once in her life & asked her mother to follow through with it rather than it being the other way round.

The drama is a one time watch. A 2/5 from my side.