This showed up on my twitter account. I have felt weird forever for thinking in terms of smells. Hence I was glad to know I am not the only one who experiences this & its actually a subject of scientific study too.


Do you remember smells? Do you associate smells with memories? I do. Actually, I remember many things based on their smell alone. Saying this out loud makes me feel as if I am some dog. 😛

I remember the milky smell my grandma’s hands had. She used to love milk with cream on it, curds, buttermilk which she used to make at home. Hence her hands always smelled of it. Years of making them must have left a little of it in her hands. Another smell I associate with her is that of incense sticks. After completing her pooja when she used to distribute the Prasad, her hands used to smell of the incense sticks which she had used & this smell in turn would rub off a little on the Prasad too.

My grandpa always smelled of Brylcreem. It is a lotion men put on after shaving. That and the eau – de – cologne which he used to put on when he went out.

A shirt dried in the sun, washed in Surf & ironed with a hot coal iron reminds me of my school uniform.

I also distinctly remember the smell on the streets of London (cigarettes!), the smell in a hotel room in Jaipur (a jasmine room freshner),  the smell of Muli Paratha which I had eaten in Udaipur a long time ago (unappetising even now). The smell of a new laptop (wrapped up plastic & foam), a new book (bliss), a freshly painted room (my German classroom) are equally memorable & appealing. The smell of a jeera tadka, of molten chocolate & basundi & coffee & Mango Bite again remind me of my childhood.

Smells take me back to so many good things I have experienced…and surprisingly I only tend to remember good memories when I think of smells. Think of smell, can we do that? Yes I do 🙂