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Be Careful What You Wish For

It feels so nice to get the next book in a series within a year! Wish all authors were as nice & speedy as Mr. Archer (Yes, I am talking about you GRRM!)


The book starts where the previous one left off with Sebastian trying to save Bruno & himself from an accident. While he manages to survive, sadly his friend dies which starts off another feud between the Barrington / Clifton & Martinez families. I liked this book much better than the previous one. Emma shone throughout the novel, but then she always does. Harry was his usual author self, dull & boring. There was too little of Giles. But the one person who came in & shone throughout was Mr. Cedric Hardcastle. He meets Sebastian by chance when they are laying side – by – side injured in the hospital. The old man has a huge influence on Sebastian who forgoes his chance at Cambridge to join Mr.Hardcastles bank first as his assistant who is later promoted to an associate director.

While I loved the almost father – son dynamic between Sebastian & Cedric I couldn’t help but wonder why a complete stranger would be so interested in helping a family, taking risks, dealing with shady characters like Martinez & even putting ones hard earned money at stake. Do such people really exist? And when he failed to show up for the maiden voyage of the ship; especially when it blew up, all my doubts were once again refreshed. Is he truly a gentleman who took Sebastian under his wing just out of the goodness of his heart? Or is he playing on both sides? Or is he playing only for his own benefit? The man does seem decent, but then money does corrupt people.

Things which I loved about the book:

  1. It is fast paced & hard to put down
  2. Sebastian survives & grows into a dynamic man who takes active interest in the business unlike his father
  3. The book arrived when promised.
  4. The whole building up to the climax when the Buckingham was ready to set sail was beautifully done
  5. I loved how Karl Lunsdorf was handled. The rogue deserved nothing better. It would have pleased me even more had Diego Martinez been run down by some oncoming train when he fled The Night Scotsman.

Things which could have been better:

  1. You did not have to kill Jessica in such a brutal way Mr. Archer. It was so unnecessary & such  a waste of such a fine lady.
  2. Martinez shouldn’t win. If Emma dies in that blast at the end that cretin wins which just shouldn’t be
  3. The fish paste baron! Enough said. I hated that man to the core. And his son was even worse. I had already started an imaginary romance between Arnold Hardcastle & Jessica before she was killed.
  4. Samantha Sullivan. I don’t know, something about that woman strikes me as very odd. She fell for Sebastian too easily. Those over smart quips & the way she taunts him about his meager income doesn’t help either. By some miracle can she be dead in that blast which took place on the ship please?!

And now the wait for the next & final novel begins.

My guess: Emma, Harry & Giles are gonna die. 😦 Sebastian will take over the Barrington shipping line & finally sort out the Martinezes! I hope Mr. Archer can keep the read interesting in his next novel if he kills Emma. The last time he killed her grandfather & the books had lost their fine edge. Though Sebastian isn’t as dull as Harry, he is no Emma or Sir Walter Barrington either. Fingers crossed.