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Today as I boarded the train in the morning I was in a hurry to secure myself a nice seat. GRRM had posted a sample chapter of TWOW on his website & I was dying to read it. I wrestled the early morning rush, secured a nice window seat where no one would disturb me & switched on my phone.

While I joked mentally that half of TWOW will be released in sample chapters if GRRM doesn’t release the book soon,  once I had started reading I was lost. Back with Arya, who was MERCY this time, slipping into the skin of the actor as effortlessly as she always has & yet retaining her Aryaness. When I finished the chapter I was left wanting for more which is a usual reaction for any ASOIAF fan.

Now the whole day I spent day dreaming about Arya & Izembaro & Westeroes cursing my job for claiming my attention which it at that point certainly didn’t deserve. When I got home I switched on my laptop & then as I surfed through tumblr & westeroes.org I wished I never had.

GRRM had said he had written this chapter a long time ago. And his long time is in years never days or months. So what the.writer wrote years ago & must have spent some considerable time on was analysed & over analysed by the fans if the book in a period of 24 hours. I get the excitement but really so much analysis always spoils the.fun of getting the chapter because these analyses never end on a good note. There are absolutely ridiculous comparisons, absurd references are given to prove ones point, there is mud slinging & name calling. This in turn deviates the joy a normal fan felt on reading the original chapter.

Every fan’s favourite character somehow finds a way into the analysis, the posts reach over 1000 words by giving past references & including entire quotes from the previous books. Why not just enjoy the chapter and FORGET IT. Yes! It’s a chapter from a novel. Why analyse it so much?

Of course everyone will ask me to stop reading the analysis. It is indeed the only thing left to do after the fanatics have dissected & resurrected the chapter to their liking & fought over it.

I won’t dare to post this on tumblr or I am bound to be bombarded by hate which I have neither time nor stomach for. But couldn’t resist posting it on my own blog to control the sick feeling I got on seeing the essays. Over analysis by the fanatics spoils the fun for the fans! 😦