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A Song of Ice and Fire 30-Day Challenge


Found this thing on Tumblr & since the only thing I know about Tumblr is how to reblog posts I will be doing this challenge here.

Deleting some of the boring stuff from the challenge so the final thing maybe shorter than 30 days.

Day 01 ~ Favourite character from book

Jaime Lannister.


Day 02 ~ Favourite quote relating to ASoIaF.

Basically anything which Lord Tywin says. But even from his quotes, this one: The greatest fools are ofttimes more clever than the men who laugh at them. While most of his advice is more relevant in times of war & in the medieval world this quote holds true even today.

Day 03 ~ Where would you want to live in the ASoIaF world?

At Casterly Rock or Highgarden

Day 04 ~ Favourite house? (ie. Stark, Lannister).

House Lannister

Day 05 ~ Who do you ship?

No one. When I had watched the show, and hadn’t yet read the books I loved Sansa & Tyrion together. But after reading the books I must say I ship no one. Tyrion deserves someone better than Sansa & not the other way round. Also, somehow the politics  & the magic is what I am interested in as far as ASOIAF goes & not the romance.

 And yet there is this FF I once read about Jaime X Arya. If only…(I am not a paedophile, the author had adjusted the ages & stuff :P)

Day 06 ~ Picture or gif that expresses your reaction to the show.

Day 07 ~ Link to a fanvid you like.

Day 08 ~ Favourite moment in book/movie.

The Red Wedding. It was genius. People can cry all they want that Lord Tywin is a murderer but he did what needed to be done. Robb fell hook, line & sinker in his trap. He had to die. He had made too many foolish choices.

 Day 09 ~ Least favourite character.

Sansa, Daenerys, Cersei. All three equally. I just can’t choose one. At least through Dany we get to see a different part of the world & through Cersei we get a glimpse into history but reading Sansa is like reading an unending tragic tale full of her own stupidity.

 Day 10 ~ If you had a direwolf, what would you name it?


Day 11 ~ Three words that describe ASoIaF

Worth the wait

Day 12 ~ If there was a crossover … who would you ship?

Arya Stark X Dean Winchester

Day 13 ~ Would you join the Night’s Watch?

Yes I would. 

Day 14 ~ Who do you think Jon Snow’s parents are?

While we all are 99.99% sure that its Rhaegar & Lyanna can you surprise us all once more GRRM? Because I really hate those two. Can he just be Ned’s bastard with some woman. It would be nice if Jon isn’t a Targ & that Ned did once in his life do a mistake & deviated from the path of honour. 

Day 15 ~ The character you feel the need to defend

Catelyn Stark. She is not my favourite, never was. But inspite of the many foolish decisions she made I can still understand her. She is just a simple woman & a mother who believes in justice & who tried her level best to secure it for her family. She jumped into the game without knowing its rules & paid heavily. But in the end it wasn’t the Lannisters who killed her. It were her own people. Littlefinger, the man Brandon Stark would have killed if not for Cat, Lysa Arryn; her sister who didn’t come to their aid when it was most needed & conspired with Littlefinger & lastly her own son for marrying Jeyne Westerling. These three destroyed the Starks like the Lannisters never could have. Cat was a decent woman who believed in things like decency & loyalty & in the end paid heavily for it & I do kind of feel sorry for her.

Day 16 ~ Make a graphic advertising ASoIaF

Day 17 ~ Link to an interview you think is funny

Day 18 ~ What Stark would you be?

Arya Stark

Day 19 ~ Invent a character that would fit in ASoIaF.

The unnamed dwarf daughter of Lord Tywin, Tyrion’s twin sister who was drowned on the orders of Lord Tywin because other than being a dwarf she was just a girl & hence wouldn’t be of much use in this game.

Day 20 ~ What’s the most interesting thing about ASoIaF?

That even five books down the line we still don’t know who the true heroes in this series will be.

Day 21 ~ Link to a ASoIaF-based blog


Day 22 ~ Make a graphic of your favourite ship

Day 23 ~ Tyrion, Cersei, Jaime: Marry, fuck, throw off a cliff – what would you do?

Fuck Tyrion

Marry Jaime: who doesn’t want a man like Jaime in their life?

Throw Cersei off the cliff

Day 24 ~ Who would you like to see battle it out?

Arya v/s Cersei

Day 25 ~ What character’s death would you be okay with?

Five books have taught me to be OK with anyone’s death. LOL. But I wouldn’t care (what I really mean is that I would be overjoyed) if Sansa or Dany died

Day 26 ~ Give yourself a ASoIaF inspired name.

Cynthia. I know I am not very innovative!

Day 27 ~ Top 5 favourite characters

Jaime, Tywin, Tyrion, Arya, Jon

Day 28 ~ Give some advice to one of the characters

Jaime the only time you behave sensibly is when you are away from your sister. You have left her in KL, now please leave her for good, for you own good. You deserve better Ser, much better.

Day 29 ~ Lord of the Rings or Game of Thrones?

I haven’t read LOTR. So ASOIAF

Day 30 ~ Favourite book/episode.

A Storm of Swords